Philosophy & Curriculum

The Ethical Community Charter School’s (TECCS) educational philosophy is grounded in the study of Ethics: the way people treat each other, the value of service to others, and the development of a sense of responsibility for making the world a more just and humane place.  Ethics education weaves throughout the core curriculum. 

TECCS is a K-8 school where students build upon the skills acquired in the previous school year. Teachers developed their own units of study by correlating thematic units with grade-level standards and a focus on interdisciplinary connections and project-based learning where student interest drives specific project choices. 

TECCS is also a member of UNESCO’s ASPnet school program. TECCS is responsible for engaging our students in social justice as part of this global network. In the past, TECCS has helped support relief efforts after natural disasters in Haiti and Japan. Currently, students are pursuing local projects related to social justice and environmental change in our community, as part of the civic literacy curriculum. The curriculum allows students to emerge from TECCS as self-directed learners, curious citizens, and ethical thinkers. Each student graduates TECCS with an extensive portfolio of writing and projects. At the same time, students take state-mandated tests and internal assessments to assure their progress on national and state standards.