ImageEthics, the study of "how we treat one another," is taught throughout the school day. Whenever a dilemma arises in the classroom the teacher will take the opportunity to discuss with the class how to solve the problem. The teacher will not give a right answer, but will help the students explore different ideas for what to do and the reasons why. Eventually, a decision will be made with teacher guidance. When misbehavior occurs, at the same time that the teacher will ensure that the student complies with behavior expectations, he or she also will make sure the students understands the reasons behind the rule. Daily class meetings give the class an opportunity to bring up concerns they may have and to exercise ethical reasoning.

At TECCS, we begin, at an early age, to build cooperation, trust, and community through the use of games and stories. Using stories, role-plays and examples from their own lives, students will discuss possible solutions and the reasons behind their thinking. An effort is made to challenge the thinking of students so that they become aware of and skilled in the use of an ethical basis for decision-making.

TECCS also participates in the following programs as part of its commitment to an ethics-infused education.


TECCS has also created a character support program called C.A.R.E.: Contributing to the community, Achieving excellence, Respecting yourself and others, and Exhibiting self control. This 2012 initiative works to develop students’ integral role in the TECCS community. This program supports the core Ethics component of a TECCS education. C.A.R.E. empowers the learner to identify social and/or academic misjudgments and provides them with resources to rectify those social and/or academic acts.


Both the Conflict Resolution and Bully Busting programs were created and published by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and are part of the ethics curriculum at TECCS. Both programs emphasize "I" Messages and "Win/Win" Guidelines to create Positive Outcomes rather than Negative Consequences. For more information on these programs, see


In the 2012-13 school year, TECCS formed a student government consisting of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The mission of the student government, in the words of the students, is to "solve problems, be role models, and make the school better." There are four elected officers to student government and delegates from each classroom, in grades 2 on up.

To learn more about TECCS' Ethics program, watch the video: