Social Studies

Social Studies

At TECCS, Social Studies plays a major role in the development of civic-minded students and serves as the backbone of many of our PBL units.  Students learn about cultures from around the world and throughout history.  They are taught about cooperation and conflict among groups of people as a result of migration, differing belief systems, and competition for natural resources.  This leads to conversations about respect toward people of all backgrounds and allows for many ethical debates.


K-4 students learn fundamental concepts about government, citizenship, geography, economics, and history. Our teachers focus on developing an understanding of core democratic values, the rights and responsibilities of American citizens, and how key people and events contributed to the development of the American heritage. In kindergarten, the focus is the individual and our own community. Students participate in activities to promote cultural awareness, sensitivity to individual differences, and respect for diversity.  As the students get older, teachers slowly expand the scope of their teaching to more global issues.  By 3rd and 4th grade, students begin to explore cultural universals such as the availability of resources, the changing environment, and innovation, and they start to analyze their impact on everyday life.

Middle School

In grades 5-8, students build upon the foundational content and begin to analyze how government structures and economic policies affect individuals, communities, nations, and global relationships.  We use the History Alive textbook series as a source of background information for students to use as they complete various types of project-based assignments. Students connect to current issues that promote service learning to empower students to become more socially active.  All grades complete weekly current events assignments to help them practice reading and analyzing various texts and to assist them in drawing conclusions between historical events and modern society.

In fifth grade, the curriculum focuses on Ancient History including two major PBL units on Egypt and Greece.  In sixth grade, students learn about European History and World History.  Students take part in a major cross-curricular unit on the Middle Ages.   In seventh grade the focus is on World Religions and Colonial America.  There is a PBL planned focusing on Revolutionary War.  In eighth grade, students will learn about American History through Industrialism.