Volunteer with the FSA (Family School Association)


TECCS was founded by families who wanted an extraordinary education and a culture of strong family involvement. The Family School Association (FSA) is the organization that brings together teachers, administrators and families of TECCS in support of the school. The FSA is comprised of various committees that fundraise, organize events, volunteer and build unity both within the school and our greater community. All parents and/or guardians are automatically members of the FSA, and no dues are charged. Meetings are held on varying dates, with childcare provided, to give everyone an opportunity to attend. All parents/guardians are encouraged to volunteer in some way for the school - whether that is helping out at an event, or soliciting donations for a fundraising event. The goals of FSA are to support TECCS and let parents/guardians have a great impact on the success of your child’s education. Please contact FSA President Lori Frohwirth for more information about how to get involved.

FSA Meeting Schedule

FSA Committees

We invite you to join our Family and School Association (FSA), where you will become a vital part of our school life. The FSA incorporates several volunteer-based committees including:

Class Parents

  • Communicates with all families in the class about class- and school-wide events
  • Coordinates with staff classroom and grade level events and fundraising
  • Makes sure families in the class know what's going on at school


  • Solicits and coordinates schedule of volunteers for lunch and recess help, art class assistance, and schoolwide events


  • Manages two major annual fundraising events for the school (a Gala in March and a 10k Race in June)
  • Assists with smaller fundraising events throughout the year

Performing Arts

  • Plans and implemets performing arts programming to supplement curriculum


  • Drafts FSA/School Newsletter
  • Manages marketing and social media for the FSA

Outreach/Public Relations

  • Communicates with the community
  • Assists school in recruitment of new students

Programs and Assemblies

  • Researches, views and communicates to Principal potential programs to enhance curriculum

The more involved you are in planning and participating in school events, the more your children can reach important goals for learning and success.

FSA Officers


FSA elections for these offices are held annually. These are truly rewarding opportunities and a great way to effect change and support TECCS!

FSA Bylaws

Volunteering Opportunity