Make A Difference at TECCS

TECCS families are an essential component of the School's success. Your contribution of time and skills makes our school unique and adds to the quality of the environment in which all of our children learn. There are numerous opportunities for families to get involved. Below is a list and brief description of some of the needs you can help meet as a TECCS parent, family member, or interested community member. Please contact the volunteer coordinator Lori Frohwirth for more information about getting involved.

Volunteering in School

There are lots of opportunities to volunteer during the school day and directly with students (including your own kids) - see below for some options. Every person who volunteers at school or at school events will need to read a TECCS Volunteer Brochure for some basic guidelines, and sign a form indicating that they have done so. Brochures and FORMS are available in the Main Office.

Be a Class Parent

Most classes are still seeking class parents, who serve as a link between the teacher and all of the parents in the class. Class parents communicate requests from the teacher to the parents when help or supplies are needed, and communicate with the teacher when individual parents want to volunteer. Class parents also organize class events like celebrations. Email Lori Frohwirth if you'd like to be a class parent!

Volunteer in Your Child's Class

If you would like to volunteer in your child's classroom, contact your Class Parent and that person will see what the teacher needs and help to schedule something. Who is your class parent? Find out HERE.